Friday, September 26, 2008

Important Element of Purchase Order

Free Purchase Order Forms: Learn more abut PO

Maybe you want to know that the free purchase order forms that you download are complete of good enough to be your company's purchase order or not. You can cross check as the following.

Standard purchase order usually contains
  1. PO number -- It is an auto running number to keep track with your order and for your own record.
  2. Shipping date -- The date that you agree with your customers that you will ship or delivery the products.
  3. Billing address -- Where you are going to send invoices to charge your customers
  4. Shipping address -- Where you want to deliver your products.
  5. Terms of payment -- How customers will pay you. For example, 45/60 days credit terms etc.
  6. List of services/products -- Include quantity (unit) price per unit and total price.

This PO acts as an agreement between you and your customers after both parties accept the terms in there. Ensure your free purchase order forms have all information above before deciding to use them.